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PocketNES для GBA
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Автор:  EvGS [ 13 июн 2013, 12:27 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  PocketNES для GBA

Тут год назад случилось событие, которое я по невнимательности прошляпил.
Dwedit с nesdev.com уже давно допиливает эмулятор PocketNES для GBA.
Этот эмуль неса примечателен тем, что выдаёт-таки 60FPS на относительно слабом геймбое.
Написали его loopy (разработчик loopynes) и flubba, на АСМе под ARM, да и забросили где-то в 2005.

А Dwedit тем временем выпустил вот такую штуку:
-- changelog:
* Seamless sound, no more crackling on square wave channels.
* Correct frequency sweeps and triangle wave volume.
* Completely automatic speedhacks that just work, so there's no menu for them anymore.
* FAST. Turn off VSYNC and watch the games zoom.
* Many parts are are more accurate than before.
* Working Savestates
* Fixed many bugs
* DMC IRQs! Play Fire Hawk and Mig 29 Soviet Fighter!
* Dendy mode


Мне также удалось с ним поговорить:
You can always try out PocketNES on VisualBoyAdvance. I recommend you use the VBA-M fork of the emulator, because it has better sound. Don't forget to turn on the motion blur filter, otherwise you will see ugly flickering scanlines. When you see it on the actual GBA hardware, it looks like a nice half-transparent fade effect, not like the flickery mess you'd see without the motion blur filter.

Dendy mode is basically NTSC mode, but with a longer pre-vblank time, and running at 50FPS instead of 60FPS. To run at 50FPS, the emulator waits one extra frame after processing 5 frames. There is some minor choppiness from reducing the frame rate, but for the most part it is not very noticeable. You don't notice the choppiness unless you are comparing the NTSC and PAL versions of Mr. Gimmick.
I also threw in a mode called "Overclocked NTSC" which is Dendy mode running at 60FPS, it reduces slowdown in games like Mega Man III or Godzilla, and is still compatible with most NES games.
I can't think of any games that require Dendy mode, or significantly change when running in Dendy mode, besides the slow NTSC games that benefit from more CPU time.
Frequency sweeps also get exaggerated in Dendy Mode, because it clocks the APU frame counter more times per frame than an NTSC system would. The same goes for hardware volume envelopes and the length counter, they play faster as well. Also, Dragon Quest 1 and 2 (J) play their music at normal speed on a Dendy despite the game otherwise running at 50FPS.

pocketnes.gba: http://www.dwedit.org/dwedit_board/atta ... p?item=376
source code: http://www.dwedit.org/dwedit_board/atta ... p?item=377
rom compression tool: http://www.dwedit.org/dwedit_board/atta ... p?item=380
pocketnes menu maker: http://www.dwedit.org/dwedit_board/atta ... p?item=381

Автор:  hood [ 01 ноя 2016, 10:02 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: PocketNES для GBA

Что такое Денди режим?
И какая версия новее, та, что тут, с прямой ссылкой, или та, что тут http://www.dwedit.org/gba/pocketnes.php

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