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Using my NeGCon controller with demul. Deadzone problem?
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Автор:  Avenger [ 19 апр 2016, 01:23 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Using my NeGCon controller with demul. Deadzone problem?

I attach a PS1 NeGcon (driving controller) via a third-party adapter to play emulated games. This works well with the Model 2 and Model 3 Emulators. But when I try it with demul and assign the controller by clicking on the button corresponding to the control, JOY0_ANL2_KEY pops in right away. If I press something like the "3" key at the same time I click, it will be overridden. But it seems like the program thinks JOY0_ANL2_KEY is being activated. Is this a deadzone problem? Is there any way I can fix it? I tried using x360ce, but I don't know if I just drop xinput1_3.dll into the demul directory, it will be read by the program. Any advice? Thanks in advance.

Автор:  Гость [ 19 апр 2016, 19:09 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Using my NeGCon controller with demul. Deadzone problem

Here is another reply I got from a user on another message board. It is the same problem:


I'm running into the same problem, ever since hooking up my Logitech Driving Force GT wheel.

Whenever I go into demul to change any control setting, the wheel seems to immediately feed it some value which I can't overwrite. Keyboard inputs, X360 pad inputs, nothing works; the wheel auto-supplies a value and demul accepts it immediately.

What I had to do was go and configure demul on ANOTHER computer, then when finished, copy the INI files back to my arcade cabinet. Which is more than a little bit of a pain...

Other input plugins like Lilypad don't have this issue. Are there any alternative input plugins for demul other than padDemul.dll? Maybe ones without this issue?


Any advice?

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