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 ClrMamePro 4.033 
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19 янв 2009, 13:26
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Обновился самый лучший ROM/CHD-менеджер - ClrMame Pro. Изменения:
- fixed: xml parser to handle > character within an xml attribute correctly.
- fixed: wrong "missing but fixable" message (mainly chd) when set check is disabled which covers the actual message.
- fixed: dir2dat archives with folders produce wrong output.
- fixed: stats count of missing roms for clone sets which only consist of parent roms (and chds).
- fixed: stats count of missing chds in case set check is disabled.
- fixed: fixmissing skips the set with the missing file itself for checking for a possible match and might miss a possible fix (pretty rare that a set holds identical files, but e.g. MAME's 188 "pippin" does).
- misc: use MoveFile instead of CopyFile also for disabled remove-rebuilt-source when possible.
- misc: drag'n drop operations now work when you use "run as admininistrator" to run cmpro in an UAC protected folder.
- misc: changed softwarelist import to always import all and filter specific afterwards. Solves problem where MAME does not print out data for some.
- misc: remove possible empty setfolder when a chdfile is moved.
- misc: cmpro.ini setting Adv_AvoidPCSleep=on can be used to avoid PC switching to hibernate/sleep mode during scan/merge/rebuild/dir2dat operations (default = on, i.e. it won't switch).
- misc: updated to rar 5.50.


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