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 Ootake 2.84 
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19 янв 2009, 13:26
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Обновился эмулятор PCEngine/Turbo Grafx 16/PCE CD/TG16 CD для Windows.
- When "CD-ROM disc is switched" while playing CD games with CD-ROM drive, the game you switched automatically will be activated. Also, if you take out the CD-ROM during the game, the game will be paused automatically for safety.
- "CD access status (seek & read)" is displayed when playing a CD-ROM game. Currently it is only in window mode, it is displayed on the right side of "Ootake" at the upper left of the window. If you are using a PC with low power, or unnecessary, uncheck "View CD Read Access" menu on "CD-ROM" menu (the third row from the top).
- The play process of ADPCM sound approached the real machine. In "Cobra II", at the desert town motorcycle ride scene, the stopped problem (occurred from v2.83) was solved.
- The play operation of ADPCM sound approached the real machine. In "Seisenshi Denshou", the problem that voice audio was interrupted was solved.
- In "Ys book I&II (U)", when entering the Tower of Darm, with environment where CD-ROM access is fast, the problem that Gorban's voice sound was interrupted was solved.
- When "Tokimeki Memorial" is started, the decision button of the mouse is automatically set to left click. If you do not need this, uncheck the "Setting-> Improve-> Auto Set Left Click (Tokimeki Memorial)" menu.
- When "1552 Tenka Tairan" is started, mouse mode is set automatically. (omitting the SELECT button press on the start screen) If you do not need this, uncheck the "Setting-> Improve-> Auto Use Mouse (1552 Tenka Tairan)" menu.
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.


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