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 Demul Resident Evil Code Veronica TROUBLE 
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Сообщение 04 фев 2011, 16:45
Hey there! It seems there's a problem with the above game/emulator (?). It plays almost perfect, BUT,,,, There are two major problems so far. The first is with Claire (given that you have played the game so that you know what I'm talking about...), when Steve traps himself in the heated room with the two Luger Replicas the emulator will not show the letters during the puzzle solving. You only have sounds - very hard to decode just by that, but with a little luck....
And the second one is towards the end of the game with Chris. When you go to the tiger statue with the jewels and try to take them off, the game will give you infinite jewels! I have 20 blues and 20 reds and the staue is always giving! And you can't even put them back as you should (not that you should have that many in the first place...). You just can't get rid of them. Normally, you do the job with 1 red and 1 blue. Boy, to come this far and be stopped by a glitch like that.
The emulator was from your site ( as always), and the rom was from your torrent tracker. It's a CHD (PAL version) from a torrent named Dreamcast CHDs. Any help?

Сообщение 10 фев 2011, 00:44

07 окт 2009, 21:35
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lol i couldn't get out of that room so i gave up :banghead: :cry: as for the other problem
and this is just an idea, but have you tried the ntsc version of the game? as it might have something to do with the pal version (just a thought)
also what are your system specs (just curious) :blush:

Сообщение 10 фев 2011, 11:19
I tried that already, however the save file is not compatible through pal and ntsc - it had to be started from the beggining, so I didn't bother :dry: My PC's good. It still plays pc games to the max.

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