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Demul 0.7a gpudx11old crashing emulator
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Автор:  ark216 [ 05 сен 2016, 15:55 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Demul 0.7a gpudx11old crashing emulator

Hello everyone,
Greetings everyone!
New to the whole Demul emulation scene and a first time poster here. I am experiencing a weird problem, i first installed and tested this emulator (0.7a) on my laptop but since my i usually don't game on my laptop so i switched to my desktop PC, installed the emulator but experiencing problems where when i select 'gpudx11old' (which gives more video options) and launch any game the emulator crashes, but runs fine on 'gpudx11' runs fine.My PC specs are as follows:

i7 3770
8gb Ram (Rip Jaws G Skill) 1600 Mhz
AMD Radeon R9 290
Corsair GS 650 PSU

However my laptop runs 'both' versions fine,Laptop is an i5 331U 1.7 Ghz, GPU is AMD Radeon HD 7670M. Any clue as to what might be the problem.The reason i prefer to use gpudx11old is that it supports internal resolution feature which the other plugin has it 'greyed out'

Help will be appreciated.

Автор:  _MetalliC_ [ 07 сен 2016, 11:28 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Demul 0.7a gpudx11old crashing emulator

as you may guess from GPU renderer name - it is old and outdated, have tons of bugs and bad/wrong emulated things. it is not developed or maintained anymore for a few years.
there nothing to expect from it except any kind of bugs, glitches or crashes.

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