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 HOTD 2 dual mice/mice+controller/dual controllers support. 
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Сообщение 05 сен 2016, 16:01

05 сен 2016, 15:35
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Greetings everyone,
I would like to know if there is a way 2 play co-operatively with 'dual mice' support in HOTD 2 in Demul much like model 2 emulator that had a dual mice support in HOTD. Also can anyone these combinations can work and if so then how to do as i tried setting these up but none of them worked:
2)dual controllers.

One more thing would like to ask is how to get an 'in-game' targeting-reticule or mouse cursor for targeting?

Would be glad if someone could help me.


Сообщение 07 сен 2016, 11:31

07 фев 2009, 07:51
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dual mice and keyboards support planned for a long time but not implemented, currently here no people who can+will do this.

F11 is hotkey to show/hide mouse cursor then fullscreen

Сообщение 19 сен 2016, 17:42

19 сен 2016, 16:55
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Someone made a soft to play dual mouse/lightgun with demul (including last release) there : http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.p ... c=149714.0
Is there any possibility to integrate this in Demul ? Or to ask him help to add this natively in a future release ?

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