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 Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Demul Netplay? 
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Сообщение 17 окт 2016, 00:19

16 окт 2016, 23:58
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Hello all! I'm an American posting here so I'm sorry if I can't reply to you in Russian.

Let me start by saying that I'm very grateful for this program and how it's allowed me and my friends to play Dreamcast classics on our computers. Demul is awesome and the developers should be proud of their work.

That being said, I have a favor to ask of these devs... You see, I've been trying to revive the online community for a dying fighting game recently. "Marvel vs. Capcom 2"- hailed by the fighting game community as one of the best fighting games ever made. I've made a subreddit and Discord servers where people who love this game to death talk about how they wanna play it with one another. However, we can't. The game has been removed from XBLA and PSN stores on account of legal issues between Disney and Capcom and Demul doesn't let us play this particular game online either. The game is almost completely inaccessible online for newcomers. The only way to obtain it for netplay now is with the PS2 emulator PCSX2- and no one even wants to play the PS2 port of the game as it is very flawed and different.

The best port of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is the Dreamcast port- this is the port everyone plays and wants to play. The issue is, the netplay for this game has been completely unplayable for me and the rest of the MvC2 community. Controls just go wonky and glitch out the moment netplay starts up for this game on Demul. If this problem could be resolved by you guys, the online community for this game could truly be revived and we would praise you Demul developers for doing God's work. Let me know if it can be done...

A lot of people around the world wanna play this game with eachother. We haven't found a good way yet... Fun games shouldn't have to die so long as there are people who still wanna play them together. Let me know what you guys think of all this and THANKS for reading!!

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07 фев 2009, 07:51
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so thats the problem ? network play works in general, and in this particular game as well.
but it requires *fast* network connection, if it isn't game start syncronisation will take *very* long time (you may think it hang, but it isnt)

also the players must have identical emulator versions, it's settings and VMU files (or better disable VMU)

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